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Case Study: Maximizing battery efficiency of a car with a proper estimation of state of health (SoH)

Lion Smart

Solution study: The electrical test of welding and bonding connections as a fundamental step of the battery pack manufacturing process

Luca Corli

Director of Sales

Case study: Improving circularity in the battery sector through raw materials and recycling advancements

Asif Anwar

Executive Director – Global Automotive Practice at TechInsights

Case study: Machine Learning for modelling the lithium-ion battery manufacturing processes

Dr. Mona Faraji Niri

Assistant Professor, WMG

Case study: The thermal propagation management - Challenges and implications of cylindrical vs. prismatic cells

Dr. Sankar Nallapati

Assistant Professor, Indiana State University

Case study: Improving circularity in the battery sector through raw materials and recycling advancements

Dr. Till Wolfram

CEO, Wolfram Chemie GmbH

Case study: More sustainable batteries – How to make the best out of it?

Lisa Akerlund & Lisa Asterkrans

Technical Expert HV Battery & Subject Matter Expert at CEVT

Case study: Data acquisition and analysis in battery cell production

Dr. Stefan Kerscher

BMW Group

Solution study: Swappable battery solutions as part of sustainable mobility? Insights into the Smart Battery Innovation Concept

Dr. Sascha Harm

Battery Development Engineer

Case study: Progressing High Performance Hybrid Modular Battery Concept – Customizing Battery Packs with Helios

Tomas Jezdinsky

ECI European Copper Institute


Kevin Mak on electric motors see incremental advances - INTERVIEW

Astrid Haas on Overview of Emerging & State-of-the-Art Winding Technologies for Electric Motors - INTERVIEW



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